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About Penis Plug Australia

Full of countless nerve endings, the urethra is one of the most sensitive parts of a man’s body.

While just the thought may make some men wince, penis plugs are the ultimate sex toys for stimulating the urethra and creating new sensations like nothing you have ever felt before.

What are Penis Plugs Used For?

Penis plug and urethral sounds can be used for a number of different sexual activities: 

You can use a penis plug in the same way you would use a dildo for vaginal or anal play. At Penis Plug Australia, we have penis plugs and urethral sounds with different textures with each providing a unique experience. We have beaded penis plugs and sounds, ribbed plugs and even inflatable ones!

Penis plugs can be worn as decorative penis jewellery. Penis Plug Australia has plugs with rings, sword handles and many more. These combine the amazing sensations of a penis plug and the bling factor of a classic penis piercing.

Penis plugs can be used for a range of BDSM activities. These include chastity play and dom and sub relationships. We even have hollow plugs and sounds which allow the wearer to urinate and cum without taking them out so they can be worn all day. You can also pour liquid into your urethra using a hollow plug for a whole new experience.

Extra long penis wands can actually reach far enough to stimulate the prostate. This spot is a tragically under-utilised spot which can provide unique and intense sexual pleasure.

What are the Different Types of Penis Plugs? 

Penis Plug Australia has every imaginable type of penis plug and urethral sound to fit your…requirements. All of our products are made from the highest-quality materials with each providing a unique sounding experience. 

We have classic penis plugs in stainless steel and silicone; Plugs with different textures, girths, and lengths; Plugs and sounds with different handle designs and decorative features; Extra long penis wands for prostrate simulation; vibrating penis plugs; inflatable penis plugs and many more.

So what are you waiting for? Start browsing our full penis plug and urethral sound collection. With our reliable, discreet delivery, your new penis plug will be in your…hands…in no time.