Collection: Urethral Sounds

Do you want to expand your sexual boundaries or are you and your BDSM partner looking for new toys to play with? Whatever your wishes and desires, urethral sounds are the perfect toys for spicing up your sex life.

  • Urethral sounds were originally used for medical treatment but millions of men around the world now use sounds for sexual urethral penetration. There are a few reasons for this:
  • Some men find urethral play very pleasurable because there are many sensitive nerve endings inside.
  • Others are turned on by the pain that can come with urethral sounding, particularly as a beginner.
  • BDSM enthusiasts use urethral sounds for pleasuring/punishing their subs in a dom-sub relationship.
  • Urethral sounds can be used for chastity play and to brand a sub as belonging to their dom partner.

As Australia's largest store for penis plugs, we have an extensive range of urethral sounds including hollow urethral sounds, silicone sounds, stainless steel sounds and vibrating sounds. Browse our full collection and choose your favourite urethral sound today!