Collection: Hollow Penis Plugs

There are a huge number of different penis plugs available but some of the most popular are hollow penis plugs. These can be worn 24/7 because you are able to urinate and cum through the hollow tube so you never need to take it out.

This is why hollow penis plugs are very popular among BDSM lovers. If you are a dom, you can have your sub wear a hollow penis plug to act as a constant reminder of you, to ensure their devotion or to punish them for bad behaviour.

Hollow penis plugs are also used for inserting liquid into the urethra for a uniquely intense experience. Hollow plugs are ideal for piss play, cum play and split play.

Our hollow penis plugs are made from 100% high-quality stainless steel so they are non-toxic and non-reactive meaning that they are totally safe to use.