Collection: Vibrating Penis Plugs

Vibrations run through your body, stimulating nerve endings in ways that fingers, tongues and penises can never do. Vibrating penis plugs can take your sounding experience to a whole other level. The urethra and the head of the penis is packed full of sensitive nerve endings which can only be reached with a vibrating penis plug with extra long penis wands even being able to reach the prostate.

As Australia's largest penis plug store we have vibrating penis plugs with manually controllable vibration settings and even vibrating cock rings with extra long beaded wands. These can be used both for masturbation and for partner play as you hand over the vibration controls to your partner to pleasure and tease you however they want. 

Our vibrating penis plugs are made from the highest quality silicone so they are 100% safe to use and will provide you with serious vibes for years to come.