Collection: Penis Plugs with Rings

Penis plugs with rings are fantastic sex toys because they do everything a penis plug should do, are easy to insert and take out with the ring and they also act as decorative penis jewellery.

Penis Plug Australia has a range of different penis plugs with rings including different textured stainless steel urethral sounds, vibrating silicone ring plugs and even a set with different length penis plugs with rings which you can experiment with and use for urethral training.

We have urethral sounds and penis plugs with rings both in stainless steel and silicone. These two options provide a different experience with our silicone penis plugs with rings being more flexible and forgiving. However, both materials are easy to clean, 100% safe to use and provide all the features that a quality penis plug should have.

Order your favourite ringed penis plug today and we will have it to you in no time!