Collection: Prince Wands

Give your penis the crown it deserves with one of our luxurious prince wands.

Prince wands are both fantastic penis plugs and stunning penis jewellery all wrapped up in one amazing toy. Prince wands comprise a classic penis plug shaft to go inside your urethra with a handle. There is also a stem which is threaded through a Prince Albert piercing (hence the “prince” in prince wand) and through the handle itself holding the wand in place.

There are various prince wands with different features. Some have beaded shafts while others are hollow with removal caps so that you can urinate or cum through the wand without having to take it out.

Our prince wand penis plugs are made from high-quality stainless steel which is safe and non-reactive so you can keep the wand in 24/7. This will give you around-the-clock sounding sensations as well as the same look as a penis piercing.