Collection: Silicone Penis Plugs

Urethral penetration is not something that you can just jump into. Inserting a toy into your urethra requires care, patience and choosing the right penis plug.

Our range of silicone penis plugs is perfect for beginners and pro sounders alike. Silicone penis plugs are softer and more flexible than stainless steel plugs and can provide a less intimidating experience for sounding newbies. Despite this, silicone penis plugs will still give you all the same pleasure as stainless steel plugs so they are an absolute must in every penis collection.

We have a range of different silicone penis plugs including vibrating plugs, cock ring plugs and silicone penis plugs sets with various designs, lengths and shapes. These sets can be used for urethral play and also for training and stretching your urethra.

Browse our full collection of silicone penis plugs and you are sure to find the perfect toy.