Collection: Hollow Urethral Sounds

Hollow urethral sounds are some of our best sellers because they allow urine and cum to pass through without you having to take the sound out. This means that you can keep your urethral sound in all day and go about your normal day knowing that it's there.

Hollow urethral sounds also enable you to pour liquid into the urethra which makes them the perfect toy for spit, cum and piss play.

We have an extensive range of hollow urethral sounds for you to choose from. These include a beaded silicone sound complete with cock ring and an extra-long wand to reach all the way down your urethra.

Hollow urethral sounds are among the most versatile urethral toys so are perfect for beginners and are a vital toy in every sounding enthusiast’s collection. Order your favourite hollow sound today and we will have it to you in no time.