Collection: Penis Wands

Make your manhood even more magical with one of our stunning penis wands. Penis wands are specially designed plugs comprising a classic penis plug shaft with decorative stoppers and handles. The shafts are designed to reach far down into your urethra with some even long enough to stimulate the prostrate while the handles add some bling to your cock just like a piercing would.

We have penis wands with beaded shafts, hollow tubes for cum and urination as well as wands with sword handles and other awesome design features. Our penis wands are made from high-quality stainless steel and silicone with each material providing a different sounding experience. Silicone and stainless steel are both non-toxic, non-reactive and non-porous so they are completely safe to use and will provide you with urethral thrills for years.

Browse our collection of penis wands to find your hottest new accessory today!