Female Urethral Play

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Urethral play, commonly referred to as sounding, is an advanced kink. It is commonly associated with men, so women hearing about sounding may wonder if they too can enjoy the unique pleasures of sounding. As women also have urethras, the answer to this question is yes.

Finding the Urethra

The female urethra extends from the lower bladder to the opening of the urethra, which is located just below the clitoris. The urethra has a sphincter, which expands and contracts to control when urine is expelled. They are also shorter than male ones, designed only to carry urine.

Playing with the Urethra

Generally speaking, women can engage in urethral play the same way that men do. Inserting sounds into the female urethra will stimulate the nerve endings found there, as well as the surrounding areas. This includes the clitoris and the G-spot.

Despite their similarities, women need to be a bit more cautious than men do when it comes to urethral play. Women generally require more urethral training than men do, having to gradually stretch their urethra before being able to move on to larger, longer toys. This means that women will usually start off inserting smaller sounds than men do.

Urethral Toys for Women

Due to the differences in anatomy, some urethral toys are more suited for use for men than women.

Penis Plugs

Despite their name, penis plugs are suitable for women to use for urethral play. If they are designed specifically for female use, they can be referred to as urethral plugs instead. The design is the same, featuring a ring, bar or ball at the base to stop the plug from being inserted too far.

They are usually made from silicone or stainless steel, and are a great starting point for women interested in sounding.


Sounds are the most common type of urethral toy for both men and women. Sounds are usually long rods made from stainless steel or silicone, which means that they can penetrate deeper into the urethra than a urethral plug can.

Women will need to exercise caution when using sounds, as the female urethra is a lot shorter. Using a sound to deeply penetrate the urethra should only be done by people who are experienced, as you can potentially puncture your bladder if you aren’t careful. Unless you are specifically seeking to stimulate the bladder, you won’t need to deeply penetrate the female urethra.

Princess Albertina Piercing

Women can also get urethral piercings too. They are usually called the Princess Albertina piercing, as they are a variation of the Prince Albert piercing. This piercing goes through the urethra and exits through the vaginal opening.

Vaginal Pumps

Vaginal pumps aren’t designed for urethral play but they can be used in conjunction with sounding toys to heighten their sensations. The pump will draw extra blood to the vagina, which will make it more sensitive to the sensations of sounding.

Tips for Female Urethral Play

The risks and dangers of urethral play apply to both men and women, which also means that women can follow the same tips as well to make urethral play safer.

Always sterilise everything involved, including using sterile lube and sterilising your hands to not introduce bacteria into the urethra. Never use force to insert urethral toys to prevent causing pain or tearing the urethra.

If you find that your urethra is too tight for even your smallest urethral toy, masturbating beforehand may help. As the urethral opening is at its largest and most relaxed when you orgasm, it is the best time to insert a urethral toy. It may sound counterintuitive to climax before you start properly playing, but you may even experience a second one afterwards with help of your sounding toys.

Urethral Intercourse

At this point, you may be curious about whether or not the urethra can be used for intercourse. As urethral toys will almost always be thinner and shorter than a penis, it is not advisable to try and penetrate the urethra with anything except a sound. Doing this can be extremely painful and dangerous.


Urethral play will take more patience and practice for women who are interested in sounding. Thankfully, the intense stimulation of the urethra, clitoris and G-spot make the wait more than worth it. Make sure you are properly prepared and have done your research on sounding so that you can enjoy urethral play without having to worry.