Is Urethral Play Safe?

text says "Is Urethral Play Safe?"

Urethral play is an advanced kink where you insert urethral toys into your urethra. Some common questions when it comes to urethral play are “Does it even feel good?” and “Is it even safe?”. Keep on reading to learn more about whether urethral play is safe or not, and why people say it’s their favourite thing to do in the bedroom.

What is Urethral Insertion?

Urethral insertion is quite straightforward, as it is the insertion of an object into the urethra. The purpose for urethral insertion varies, as it has medical and recreational applications. Despite being a straightforward process, there are risks to take into consideration with urethral insertion.

Medical Applications of Urethral Insertion

Before it became a fetish, urethral insertion was primarily used for medical purposes. Different applications include inserting a sound into the urethra to dilate it, or inserting a catheter to empty the bladder before a surgery. Catheters can also be used to assist people that have trouble urinating.

Urethral Play

Urethral play is the act of inserting a sex toy into your urethra for sexual pleasure. It is also known as sounding and the sex toys are commonly referred to as sounds. There are sensitive nerve endings in the urethra, which is why sounding is sexually stimulating. Similar to anal play, inserting a sound that stretches the urethra can apply pressure to the surrounding nerves. Sounds can come in a variety of styles and materials including hollow sounds, silicone sounds, vibrating sounds and more. 

The Dangers of Sounding

As the urethra is extremely sensitive and made up of delicate tissue, there are risks that come with the act of inserting foreign objects into it.

Bacterial Infection

The most common risk is bacterial infection. Whether you are a man or a woman engaging in sounding, the urethra can easily become infected by external bacteria. To prevent this from happening, you must make sure that everything involved is sterilised. This includes sterilising the sound you are using, only using sterile lube and sterilising your hands before touching anything.


If you aren’t careful, you may injure yourself during urethral play. There are a few factors that can lead to an injury when sounding.

If your sound is damaged or was poorly manufactured, it may have rough edges which can damage urethral tissue with scratches and abrasions. These internal injuries aren’t just painful, as they can also make the urethra more prone to infection. To prevent this from happening, you will either have to smooth off the rough edges or purchase a new sound.

Another common cause of injury is being too rough. Even if your sound is smooth, being too forceful can tear the delicate tissue found in the urethra. This can also occur if your sound is too big or if it isn’t properly lubricated, which will require you to use force to insert the sound instead of it sliding in smoothly. To avoid injuring yourself like this, always make sure to use an adequate amount of lube and never try to force the sound in. It should be able to gently slide in without causing pain or discomfort.


Urethral play is safe if you properly mitigate the risks that come along with it. Make sure you have properly researched the risks involved so that you can prevent them. Sterilise everything being used to avoid introducing bacteria into your urethra, and make sure your sound isn’t too big for your level of experience. This will allow you to properly see if you enjoy the unique sensations that only sounding can provide.