What types of urethral toys are there?

silicone urethral toy on the left stainless steel toy on the right

Sounding is an advanced fetish where people insert toys into their urethra for an intense, unique pleasure. There are lots of urethral toys to choose from, which is why you should educate yourself to ensure you pick one that will suit your level of sounding experience and knowledge.

Penis Plugs

Penis plugs are typically where beginners start their sounding journey, due to their smaller size and inherent safety features. This ensures that you can slowly get comfortable with the sensations of sounding without having to worry about inserting the sound too far, which could either cause an injury or even get lost inside your penis.

Sperm Stoppers

Sperm stoppers are similar to penis plugs, utilising a ring that is worn around the glans of the penis to allow for hands free fun. Sperm stoppers are composed of two parts, the glans ring and the sounding component. The glans ring can enhance pleasure you feel and stimulate the head of the penis but the main function it has is to make sure the sound does not fall out during play. The sounding component is usually a smooth steel shaft that hooks around the glans, with a pronounced tip that enhances pleasure and locks the sound in place.

Prince Wands

Prince wands typically require the wearer to have a Prince Albert piercing, as it utilises the piercing hole to keep the sound firmly inside the penis. Prince wands are great for sex, as they won’t get lost in the penis or fall out.

Some variations of Prince wands allow you to wear one without being pierced, or being able to use other urethral piercings instead of a Prince Albert one.

Urethral Sounds

There are a wide variety of urethral sounds to choose from, which can overwhelm people who are new to sounding or are looking to try a new sound. Here we will go through the different types of sounds and any unique features or characteristics that they have.

Hegar Sounds

Hegar sounds are slightly curved sounds, characterised by their S bend shape. This shape is designed with anatomy in mind, providing users with more comfort during use. This makes Hegar sounds quite popular, whether you are a sounding beginner or a seasoned enthusiast.

Hegar sounds are double-ended, with one end usually being larger than the other. This lets you slowly work up to the thickest part of the sound, effectively giving you two different sized sounds for the price of one. Their shorter length is good for beginners who are less focused on deep urethral sounding.

Rosebud Sounds

Rosebud sounds are straight sounds, characterised by their long handles and bullet shaped tip. The pronounced tip provides extra pleasure, using its larger surface area to stimulate lots of nerve endings at once.

Rosebud sounds have one end, featuring a handle that will make your sounding experience easier. This combined with their smooth shafts make Rosebud sounds a great choice for beginners, as textured shafts may be too intense for people new to sounding.

Dittle Sounds

Dittle sounds are slightly similar to Rosebud sounds, featuring a flat end that can be used as a handle. What makes Dittle sounds unique is that this flat end can be used to intensify your sounding play by connecting the flat end to a vibrator or using it as a conductor for electric stimulation play.

Hank Sounds

Hank sounds are designed similarly to sounds used for medical purposes, characterised by their curved tips as well as ribs found near each of the sound. The ribs are great stoppers for beginners, preventing them from going too deep and possibly hurting themselves. More experienced sounders will be able to go past this bump, allowing them to use the whole length of the sound.

Pratt Sounds

Pratt sounds are similar to Hegar sounds, typically being longer and having a more pronounced curve. If you enjoy using Hegar sounds you should consider looking at Pratt sounds when you want to upgrade to something bigger, as they will feel quite similar.

Van Buren Sounds

Van Buren sounds are a popular type of sound for experienced users, characterised by their slight J shape and long length. These curves are designed with the shape of the urethral tract in mind, making these sounds perfect for deeper exploration and internal prostate stimulation.

Guyon Sounds

Guyon sounds are extreme urethral sounds, reserved for highly experienced enthusiasts who are confident in their sounding knowledge and skill. Guyon sounds are characterised by their curved hook end, almost resembling a sickle.

This design allows users to go deep into the urethra, using the hooked end for intense and precise stimulation of the bladder or prostate.

Hooked sounds require knowledge and skill to use without injury, and should only be used by sounding practitioners who know what they are doing. Beginners should not look at purchasing Pratt, Van Buren and Guyon sounds until they have experience sounding and are confident that they can safely use them.


There are a wide variety of urethral toys available, each with their own unique features and characteristics. Whether you choose a penis plug, sperm stopper, prince wand or urethral sound, it is important to choose a sounding toy that is appropriate for your level of experience in sounding. Make sure you have done your research on sounding to prevent injuries and enjoy the experience to the fullest.