What are Penis Plugs?

Penis plugs are a type of urethral insertion toy and a great choice for beginners. This is because they usually have a ring, bar or ball tip at the base which stops the plug from being inserted too far into the urethra (or accidentally losing it inside the urethra, which may require medical assistance to remove).

Penis plugs are usually made from stainless steel or silicone. They can also differ in texture, with some toys being completely smooth while others feature ribbing to stimulate the urethra even more.

Penis Plugs vs Sounds

Penis plugs and sounds are both designed specifically for urethral insertion, so you may be left struggling to choose between them. Here are some differences between the two:


Penis plugs are usually short and thin. Sounds can vary in diameter but will usually always be longer than a penis plug.


Penis plugs are usually straight, while sounds can be straight or feature a curve. Advanced sounds may feature a large curve, with other sounds only having a slight curve. Penis plugs and sounds can be completely smooth or textured with ribbing.


Penis plugs and sounds are both usually made from stainless steel or silicone.


Penis plugs are great choices for beginners due to their smaller size. This allows you to experience what sounding looks like and become more comfortable with urethral play. Sounds are better suited for people who have experience with sounding. Urethral Sounds can come in varying sizes, making them better for urethral stretching and deeper exploration than penis plugs.

Are we an Australian Store?

Penis Plug Australia is proud to say that we are Australia's ONLY local specialist penis plug and urethral sounding store. Locally owned and operated, we do not dropship allowing us to provide customers with fast shipping through Australia Post. All orders are sent in plain Australia Post satchels for customer discretion, so you won’t have to worry about someone seeing your parcel and knowing what’s inside.

Are Penis Plugs Safe?

There are risks associated with sounding, but that doesn’t mean that using penis plugs is unsafe. Due to the usual design of penis plugs, they are the safest urethral toy to choose if you are concerned about your safety. 

Experiencing pain and the potential for bacterial infection and injury are some of the risks that come with sounding. Our article about the safety of sounding provides a detailed summary of possible risks and how to mitigate them.

If you're unsure about penis plugs or urethral play safely or experience negative issues please consult a medical professional. 

Returns & Exchanges

Due to the personal nature of our products, we do not accept returns or exchanges due to change of mind. If a product is faulty, we will gladly replace the item free of charge. Our return policies can be found here if you would like more details regarding returns and exchanges.

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